Air Purifying Respirator / Respiratory Protective Equipment

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Respiratory Protective Equipment is a 1/2 day workshop that includes: OH&S Legislation, Dangerous Atmospheres & hazard awareness, selection, and more.

On completion of this course you will know:
How to wear Respiratory Protective Equipment
Hazard Awareness
How to select the proper Respiratory Protective Equipment
Pre-use checks
How to don and doff Respiratory Protective Equipment

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Code
PART 18 – Personal Protective Equipment
Duty to use Personal Protective Equipment 228
Respiratory Dangers 244
Code of Practice 245(1)
Selection of Equipment 247
Storage and Use 248
Quality of Breathing Air 249
Effective Face Seal 250
Equipment for Immediate Danger 251
Equipment – No Immediate Danger 252
Air Purifying Equipment 253
Emergency Escape Equipment 254
Abrasive Blasting Operations 255

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
CSA Standard Z94.4-02
CSA Standard Z180.1-00 (R2005)
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
ANSI Standard