Bear/Wildlife Training

CICT’s Bear & Wildlife awareness training course is an instructor-led program which includes theory and practical training components. The course adheres to generally accepted content and practices and is verified by multiple employers and sites to meet basic and intermediate requirements. This training is applicable throughout Canada.

Bear/Wildlife level 2 Training is a classroom based training course available for workers who work in high risk wildlife habitat areas or work areas in close proximity to high risk areas.

Course Duration – 4 Hours

The course is offered mobile at a client’s site or at our training facility. The course is designed for anyone who may work in a wilderness area or who uses it for recreational purposes. Wildlife behaviour can be unpredictable making the need for anyone who ventures into their habitat a safety, health and environmental priority. Participants will be prepared to respect wildlife, understand and assess hazards, reduce and avoid contact and how to deal with wildlife encounters. The training encompasses various animals native to Canada including; Black Bears, Cougars, Coyotes, Grizzly Bears, Foxes, Moose and Wolves.

Training completion & certification:

  • Participants will receive a wallet sized card or ticket certifying that they have successfully completed & met the training requirements
  • CICT will provide proof of training completion to employers when requested
  • Training records are kept on file & participants, employers & sites may contact CICT for proof of training

Course content includes the following:

  • Bear and wildlife hazard assessment
  • Bear and other wildlife ecology
  • Bear and other wildlife behavior
  • Wildlife encounters (Defensive & Predatory)
  • Response to encounters
  • Non-lethal deterrents
  • Hands-on use of deterrent sprays
  • Equipment limitations & selection

Key Training Benefits:

  • Course covers most well-known wildlife species in Canada
  • Course developed in accordance with Manufacture Specifications and best practices
  • CICT Certification is verified & recognized by oil & gas companies & sites
  • Identification of bear signs
  • How to prevent wildlife encounters
  • Awareness of wildlife behaviors
  • Provides practical hands-on use of deterrent sprays
  • Training about defensive and predatory encounters
  • Taught by certified instructors with experience in the industry
  • Improved user health & safety
  • Enhanced environmental awareness of wildlife habitat
  • Improved injury & incident avoidance