ESC Fall Protection

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ESC Fall Protection is an instructor led program taught by CICT. It is a one-day workshop covering the following topics: Human body falls, various systems for working safely at heights, basic physics’ of falling and how to calculate free fall distance.


  • On completion of this course you will know:
    The Legislative Regulations pertaining to working from heights
    How to define Employer and Employee responsibilities
    How to differentiate between the types of Fall Protection; Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint
    How to identify the components of Fall Protection
    How to assess and select anchor points
    How to calculate Free Fall, Total Fall and Clearance Required distances
    How to care for and maintain Fall Protection equipment and when to remove it from service
    How to properly inspect, adjust and fit a body harness
    Basic rescue requirements


Obligations of Employers, Workers, etc. 2(1)-(5)
Existence of Imminent Danger 35(1)-(2)


Critical Documents Available (8)
General protection of workers 13(1)-(4)
Duties of workers 14(1)-(2)

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Code

PART 2- Hazard Assessment, Elimination and Control
Hazard Assessment 7
Worker participation 8
Hazard elimination and control 9

PART 7 – Emergency Preparedness & Response
Emergency Response Plan 115(1)(3)
Contents of Plan 116
Rescue and Evacuation of Workers 117 (1) (2)
Equipment 118 (1)(2)

PART 8 – Entrances, Walkways, Stairways & Ladders
Fall Protection 137

PART 9 – Fall Protection
General Protection 139(1)(3)-(8)
Fall Protection Plan 140
Instruction of Workers 141
Full Body Harness 142
Lanyard 142.2 (1)(2)
Shock Absorber 142.3 (1)(2)
Connectors, Carabiners and Snap Hooks 143
Fall Arresters 144
Self Retracting Device 145
Descent Control Device 146
Life Safety Rope 147
Adjustable Lanyard for Work Positioning 148
Equipment Compatibility 150
Inspection and Maintenance 150.1
Removal from Service 150.2
Clearance, Maximum Arresting Force and Swing 151
Anchors 152
Horizontal Lifelines 153
Fall Protection on Vehicles and Loads 155
Leading Edge Fall Protection System 158
Procedures in Place of Fall Protection Equipment 159
Control Zones 161

Part 22 – Safeguards
Safety Nets 320 (1)(2)

Part 23 – Scaffolds & Temporary Work Platforms
Boatswain’s Chairs 351


Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
CSA Standard Z259.2.1-98
CSA Standard Z259.2.2-98
CSA Standard Z259.10-06
CSA Standard Z259.11-05
CSA Standard Z259.12-01
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
ANSI Standard A10.11-1989
ANSI Standard Z359.1-2007
Comité Européen de Normalisation (CEN)
CEN Standard EN 341:1997
CEN Standard EN 353-2:2002
CEN Standard EN 354:2002
CEN Standard EN 355:2002
CEN Standard EN 358:2000
CEN Standard EN 361:2007
CEN Standard EN 362:2004
CEN Standard EN 12275:1998
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
NFPA Standard 1983

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