Confined Space Entry Monitor (OSSA)

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Confined Space Entry/Monitor is a 6-8 hr workshop that covers the following topic areas: Confined Space Entry/Monitor Basics, Legislation and standards, Why Confined Space Entry Training

On completion of this course you will know:
Basic knowledge and proficiency in the identification and classification of confined spaces and in the identification of restricted spaces
How to recognize risks and hazards of confined/restricted spaces demonstrate knowledge of methods of controlling them
How to define the duties of a confined space monitor
How to apply knowledge of Alberta legislation and the OSSA Regional Code of Practice

Obligations of Employers, Workers, etc. 2(1)-(5)
Existence of Imminent Danger 35(1)-(2)

General protection of workers 13(1)-(4)
Duties of workers 14(1)-(2)

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Code
PART 4- Chemical Hazards, Biological Hazards and Harmful Substances
Worker Exposure to Harmful Substances 16
Exposure during shifts longer than 8 hours 18
Airborne Concentration Measurements 20(2.1)

PART 5 – Confined Spaces
Code of Practice 44
Hazard Assessment 45
Training 46
Entry Permit System 47
Protection – Hazardous Substances and Energy 49
Unauthorized Entry 50
Traffic Hazards 51
Testing the Atmosphere 52
Ventilation and Purging 53
Inerting 54
Emergency Response 55
Tending Worker 56
Entry and Exit 57
Retaining Records 58

Part 10 – Fire and Explosion Hazards
Prohibitions 162(1)

Part 15 – Managing the Control of Hazardous Energy
Isolating Piping 215(1)-(4)

Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) Confined Space Regional Code of Practice (RCOP) 2010 Rev01