Defensive Driving (Demerit Reduction)

  • Online Courses
The SAFER Defensive Driving Program is an excellent program for drivers of all types but has a special emphasis for company drivers.
  • Driver competency model
  • SAFER System of Defensive Driving
  • Adverse conditions
  • Most common collisions
    • Rear end collisions
    • Backing collisions
    • Instersection collisions
  • Other Collisions
    • Vehicle in front collisions
    • Passing and being passed collisions
    • Head on collisions
    • Bicycle collisions
    • Motorcycle collisions
    • Train collisions
    • Wildlife collisions
  • Drinking, driving, and drugs
  • Fatigue
  • Distraction
    • Cellular phone related collisions

Defensive Driving (Demerit Reduction) Online Course Registration

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