Due Diligence

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Participants will discover what workers need to know and do to act duly diligent. Not only will learners understand their legal duties, but the legal duties of supervisors and employers as well. This course focuses on being a positive influence at the workplace.

By taking this online Due Diligence for Workers training, learners will be able to:

  • Recall three types of occupational health and safety laws
  • Understand how due diligence applies to workers
  • Associate the duties of others and why there must be progressive discipline when necessary
  • Recognize the importance of documentation in a due diligence case
  • Review the workers’ rights and how workers can influence one another
  • Select ways workers can act duly diligent
  • Select various types of precautions
  • Understand how JSA information can be used on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), incident investigations, inspections, and so on.

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