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CICT’s Flagging & Spotting (FS) training course is an instructor-led program which includes theory and practical components.

Course Duration – 4 Hours

The course is offered mobile at a client’s site or at our training facility. Flagging and spotting protects the safety of work crews and the general public in roadway and congested traffic conditions.This course will provide workers and supervisors with a procedure for moving vehicles and equipment in, out and around obstacles as well as on roadways in order to prevent personal injury and property damage. The training has been designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively use this equipment.

Training completion & certification:

  • Participants will receive a wallet sized card or ticket certifying that they have successfully completed & met the training requirements
  • CICT will provide proof of training completion to employers when requested
  • Training records are kept on file & participants, employers & sites may contact CICT for proof of training

Course content includes the following:

  • Applicable Alberta OH&S legislation
  • Alberta Traffic Act, Municipal Bylaws, Site Rules and best practices
  • Duties of a flag/spotter person
  • Identification & control of traffic hazards
  • Pre-work planning
  • Recognize special considerations for different vehicles
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Apply knowledge to safely flag highway traffic
  • Hands-on use of signals & signage in a practical scenario

Key Training Benefits:

  • Improved hazard awareness
  • Hands-on use of signals & signage
  • Taught by certified instructors with experience in the industry
  • Improved user health & safety
  • Enhanced environmental awareness of wildlife habitat
  • Improved injury & incident avoidance

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