Gas Detection

  • Equipment
CICT’s Gas Detection training course is an instructor-led program which includes theory and practical components. The course adheres to Canadian Standards Association, Occupational Health & Safety and Manufacture Specifications for the equipment used in the training. This training is applicable throughout Canada.

Course Duration –4 Hours

The course is offered mobile at a client’s site or at our training facility. This course will train the user to safely use Gas Detection equipment to perform duties in multiple workplace environments. The course is designed for anyone who may be required to identify or control dangerous atmospheres and help workers remain safe while working in or around these conditions. This course covers the features & operation of the most well-known tube detection devices (bellows & piston) and electronic gas monitors (personal, portable & fixed).

Training completion & certification:

  • Participants will receive a wallet sized card or ticket certifying that they have successfully completed & met the training requirements
  • CICT will provide proof of training completion to employers when requested
  • Training records are kept on file & participants, employers & sites may contact CICT for proof of training

Course content includes the following:

  • Occupational Health & Safety requirements
  • Gas testing criteria
  • Equipment overview (electronic & tube detection devices)
  • Equipment limitations & selection
  • Pre-use inspection
  • Toxic atmospheres
  • Oxygen levels
  • Lower explosive levels (LEL)
  • Explosive ranges
  • Upper explosive ranges
  • Flammable gas vapors
  • Detection of gasses and vapors
  • Care and maintenance

Key Training Benefits:

  • Course developed in accordance with Manufacture Specifications and best practices
  • CICT Certification is verified & recognized by oil & gas companies & sites
  • Awareness of dangerous atmospheres
  • Provides practical hands-on use of electronic monitors & detector tube devices
  • Taught by certified instructors with experience in the industry
  • Improved user health & safety
  • Improved injury & incident avoidance

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