H2S Alive

H2S Alive is a one day workshop for anyone who works in an environment that H2S may be present. The following topics are discussed: H2S Properties, Respirator Protective Equipment, and more.

H2S Alive is a one day workshop for anyone who works in an environment exposed to H2S.

H2S Alive certification training follows the ENFORM standards and will be given by a certified H2S Alive instructor. You will be issued an H2S Alive temporary certificate upon successful completion of the course. ENFORM will send you permanent card in the mail with in 90 days.Learn through case studies how to respond and act safely in situations involving hydrogen sulfide, including how to identify common locations and health hazards associated with H2S, how to operate respiratory protective equipment, and how to conduct a rescue of a person who has been exposed to H2S.

The following topics are discussed:

  • Where H2S is found in the oil and gas industry
  • H2S Properties
  • Respirator Protective Equipment
    • Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus SABA
    • Self – Contained Breathing Apparatus SCBA and Maintenance and Operation
  • Detection of H2S
  • Procedures for testing and sampling for the presence of H2S using electronic and manual pump gas detectors
  • Rescue Techniques
  • Management Control
  • Emergency treatment for exposure to H2S until trained medical professionals arrive on scene

Special Notes:CICT strongly recommended that Participants register a minimum of one week prior to the course start date to ensure the delivery of this course