Overhead Crane

  • Equipment
Overhead Crane is a one-day workshop that covers the following topic areas: Workplace Health & Safety Legislated Requirements, Rigging Review, Types of Cranes and Types of Lifts, and more.


On completion of this course you will know:
How to calculate the weight of different shaped loads of varying materials
How to determine the centre of gravity of different shaped loads
How to determine the SWL of different types of rigging equipment
How to determine SWL as related to sling angles
Rigging responsibilities and crane hand signals
Crane operating safety rules and regulations
How to conduct a pre-operational inspection

Obligations of Employers, Workers, etc. 2(1)-(5)
Serious Injuries and accidents 18(1)-(2)
Existence of Imminent Danger 35(1)-(2)

Equipment 12(1)
General protection of workers 13(1)-(4)
Duties of workers 14(1)-(2)
Safety training 15(1), (4), (5)
Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Code

PART 2- Hazard Assessment, Elimination and Control
Hazard Assessment 7
Worker participation 8
Hazard elimination and control 9

PART 6 – Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Devices
Rated load capacity 62(1)-(3)
Operator requirements 64
Log Books 65 (1)-(5)
Preventing an unsafe lift 66
Load weight 68
Lift Calculation 68.1
Loads over work areas 69
Tag and Hoisting Lines 70
Hand signals 71
Repairs and modifications 73
Electrical Components and functions 93
Maintenance and Inspection 94
Safe Movement 95
Controls 95.1

PART 21 – Rigging
Breaking Strength 292(1)-(2)
Safety Factors 292.1(1)-(2)
Load Ratings 293(1)-(2)
Inspection 294
Rigging Protection 294
Sling Standard 297(1)-(4)-
Rejection Criteria
Synthetic fibre slings 305(1)-(4)
Wire Rope 306(1)-(4)
Electric Arc damage 308
Damaged Hooks 309

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
CSA Standard B167-08
CSA Standard B167-96 (R2002)
CSA Standard C22.1-0
CSA Standard C22.2 No. 33-M1984 (R2004)
CSA Standard 167-08 4.3.3
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) / American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
ASME Standard B30.9-1996
ASME Standard B30.20-2006