CICT Health Services

Audiometric Testing

  • Standard audiometric test
  • Additional Audiologist Review fee for abnormal results

Ear Plugs

  • Custom fit ear plugs

Vision Screening

  • Snellen Only
  • CWB Welding annual vision acuity

Mask Fit Testing

  • Quantitive – CSA Approved Method
  • Qualitative (Irritant smoke)

Lung function screening

  • Spirometry/Pulmatory function test (PFT)

Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Breath alcohol test

Oral fluid tests

  • Oral fluid test POCT (Express)
  • Oral fluid lab collection test

Urine tests

  • Urine POCT (Express) 7, 8, 12 Panel
  • Urine lab collection test 7, 8, 10 12 Panel or specific metabolites by request
    • Express to lab 7 panel
    • Express to lab 12 panel

Laboratory confirmations

  • Additional laboratory confirmation fee for non-negative results of above test (includes laboratory fees and medical review officer (MRO) review)

Additional Services

After hours testing (between 5pm and 8am, and weekends)

  • Service fee per hour, 2 hour minimum in town office
  • Plus test fee
  • Plus mileage

On site/Mobile testing (weekdays 8AM - 5PM)

  • Technician fee per hour, 2 hour minimum
  • Plus test fee
  • Plus mileage
  • Drug and alcohol, audio, mask fitting, and others

Miscellaneous notes/billing

  • Package pricing available upon request
  • Clinic no-show/missed appointment fee is 50% of scheduled tests
  • Volume discounts are available


Sarah Blennerhassett